With its more than 20 years’ presence on the steel industry field and with the support of technicians with proven experience in the specific field of the rolling mill plant design, PERT has developed in last years an innovative and revolutionary range of equipments, became immediately a milestones in the rolling technology.

In a field where the technology proposed by the plants’ supplier is flattened on the same level, PERT decided to clearly differentiate proposing solutions that have never been previously developed.

Thanks to these values, we succede to design and product a new concept of rolling stand and 6 different types of fast finishing block for rebar and wire rod production.

None of the world’s producers of steel plants is able to propose the innovations recently introduced by PERT in the steel market.

We believe in continuous improvement of our equipments, studied and designed to fulfill the needs of the modern steel market and that have to meet the requirements of quality, flexibility, cost savings and easy of use, which is nowadays one of the decisive factors to be competitive.

All our new equipments are protected by international patent.