PERT at AISTECH 2014, 5-7 May 2014, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA


Matteo Tomba, PERT Commercial Director, Nicola Tomba, Technical Manager, and Silvia Cattarino, PERTEco process engineer, will be speaking at the AISTech, the steel industry’s largest trade show and exposition, to be held in Indianapolis, Indiana, from the 5th to the 7th of May. Matteo and Nicola Tomba will discuss the main economic and technical advantages provided by PERT innovative equipment: Nicola Tomba will introduce “The revolutionary Fast Ring Locking / Unlocking System for Finishing Blocks”, recently patented by PERT, while Matteo Tomba will discuss “PERT tailor-made solutions for the finishing blocks”, with a detailed analysis of the three different types of blocks for 1- or 2- strand rolling. Ms Silvia Cattarino from PERTEco, PERT environmental division, will explain how the correct implementation of the Auxiliary plants not only assure operational efficiency and production continuity, but also improve the performance of a Rolling Mill. Ms Cattarino will analyse “The importance of the Water Treatment Plant for the performances of a Rolling Mill”, and then will provide an overview of the main factors that affect the final choice of a “Fume Treatment Plant for a Steelmaking facility”, including the interaction with the Water Treatment Plant.