PERT on the MPT International- September 2014 issue


“Finishing block technologies for 1- and 2- strand rolling of rebar and wire rod”: this is title of the article written by Mr Matteo Tomba , Nicola Tomba, Massimiliano Zuccato and Andrea Fontanini, published in the September issue of the MPT International. The article provides initially an overview of the current steel market conditions, which require manufacturers to reduce the operational costs as much as possible, while assuring at the same time the highest standards of quality to the final product, and to provide innovative solutions characterised by technical excellence. The article explores how PERT has addressed such issue, and responded to such stringent market requirements by proposing a wide range of innovative and tailor made-solutions for the finishing blocks, both for rebar and wire, for either low or elevated production capacity: the innovative technical features of PERT range of blocks are a key asset to assure competitive advantage over the existing solutions available on the market, granting an optimised plant management also from a cost perspective. The full article is available from the “Download” area of the website.