PERT on the MPT International - April 2015 issue


“Pocket Mill- an investment-saving solution for small and medium-capacity long product rolling mills” is the title of the article written by Nicola and Matteo Tomba, which has just been published in the April issue of the MPT International. The article describes the key technical characteristics and advantages provided by PPM® PERT Pocket Mill, a non-conventional solution specifically engineered for small and medium-size rolling mills (production capacity ranging between 100,000 and 250,000 t/years). In this way, PERT has effectively responded to the fast-changing needs of the global steel market, by providing a solution which ensures significant cost savings in the steel mill equipment (due to the reduction in the civil works volume and building dimensions etc.) as well as in the auxiliary equipment and infrastructures; moreover, the operational costs are kept to minimum due to the consistent reduction in the number of spare parts required, which are often quite expensive and not always immediately available. PPM® PERT Pocket Mill is therefore a state-of-the-art rolling mill, which keeps the overall investment and operational costs required as low as possible, while ensuring maximum efficiency in the plant management. The full version of the article is now available in the “Download” area of the website.