PLANT CAPACITY 300'000 – 800'000 tons/year
STARTING BILLET SIZE 130x130mm up to 160x160mm / 6 – 12 - 16 m
FINAL PRODUCT Rebars 8 – 50 mm
Round Bars 8 – 50 mm
ROLLING SPEED Max 40 m/s (8 mm)

* indicative data

This mill is designed for the production of rebars and rounds bars.

Mill train is composed by PERT BS STANDS in H/V configuration into the roughing and intermediate train, while the finishing rolling mill will be composed by PERT 2xTECHNOLOGY No-Twist® Finishing Block, as its flexibility offers the possibility to apply it on installations of both little-medium capacity mills (350’000 t/y) and high capacity mills (600-800’000 t/y).

The maximum speed which can be reached is 40 m/s, for round of 8 mm, corresponding to an hourly production of 100 t/h.

Into the PERT’s bars mills the finishing block and the two-strand high speed slitting are used. So that it is possible to comply with the requirements of high productivity and high quality of the finished products. In this way is avoided the use of 3 or 4 strand slitting, which do not guarantee good quality of the final product and involves problems in mill management.

With the innovative equipment developed by PERT, the necessary investments for civil works and industrial buildings are drastically reduced.

Thanks to the PERT’s know-how applied to the entire production line and to the auxiliary plants, the customer who chooses PERT raises to an higher competitive level in comparison with its competitors.